Statement regarding the national tutoring programme

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NTP Statement

Jan 2024

After some consideration, APPLA Tuition will withdraw from the National Tutoring Programme, with immediate effect. Whilst we are grateful and proud to have supported students nationwide as part of the Department for Education’s flagship programme, we believe we are better placed to deliver against our values and ethos as an individual provider, rather than as a partner of the scheme. We have been increasingly aware of schools’ difficulties with some aspects of the National Tutoring Programme – in particular the administrative burden placed on schools and providers and, crucially, a subsidy scheme which actively disincentivises targeted support for pupils with the highest level of need. Whilst we feel the scheme offers much needed support for learners in England who have had their access to education compromised by the pandemic and strikes – we no longer feel that the benefits of the programme outweigh its costs, for schools, educators or for tuition partners. As an independent provider, we are committed to deliver high quality, individually-focused tuition working in partnership with schools and local authorities to improve the educational landscape for all. We remain committed to the standards of excellence and safeguarding set out in our policy documents and in UK legislation and, in order to continue to deliver to our loyal clients, we will be subsidising subsequent tuition to the same level which they are able to access it through the scheme. For any enquiries, please contact

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